TheBellaMira, LLC Shop Policies, Shipping Information, & Safety Measures

TheBellaMira, LLC Shop Policies & Prevention Measures
Prevention Measures
Here at TheBella Mira, LLC we want our buyers to know that we consistantly practice safety and prevention measures to protect you and your family. We utilize vinyl gloves, hair nets, and masks that are put in place prior to us starting the sanitizing process for the first batch. We wash our hands often, sanitize our eqipment before and after each use, sanitize all counter surfaces before and after each use, and sanitize utensils before and after every product batch is made. Gloves are also worn during the product packaging, labeling and fulfillment of order packing for shipping.


Shipping Policy

TheBellaMira, LLC utilizes different carriers for the quickest delivery to you. The Economy Shipping Rate of $8.00 Flute Rate for your order will arrive between 5 to 8 Business Days.

Refund Policy & Issue Resolution
TheBellaMiraMira, LLC wants every buyer to have an amazing  "TheBellaMira Experience" and love our products. However, due to the nature of bath and body products we are unable to accept returns. However, if yu have an issue please contact TheBellaMira, LLC so we can come to a mutually agreed resolution. Please contact us directly at:
Prevention Policy
Here at TheBella Mira, LLC we want our buyers to know that we practice safety measures to protect you and your family. We sanitize our eqipment, counter surfaces, and utensils before and after every product batch is made. We also utilize hair nets, masks and gloves whenever the product is made, checked during the curing and/or drying phase, packed into containers, labeled, and when your order is filled and packed for delivery.
TheBellaMira Produces Everything In Small Handmade Batches
Please note there may be a slight consistency and aroma difference from batch to batch.
Special Requests
If you have allergies or sensitivities we are happy to work with you to provide an Indulgent Body Butter or Body Scrub that will make the necessary accomodations for you. 


TheBellaMira, LLC has a shipping method of 

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